Seiko Instruments launches new MP-A40 Series mobile printer

| News Press


The printing speed of more than 100mm / second is one of the fastest on the market. With up to a 112 mm (4-inch) paper width and weighing approx. 750g the MP-A40 mobile printers are built tough, but this does not mean they lack in simplicity or style. They have been designed to withstand drops from 2 metres on all corners and sides. They can operate in temperatures down to -20°C and are certified to IP54. Intuitive drop-in paper loading offers user-friendly paper roll changes and the smart and compact design fits into the palm of your hand or onto the belt-clip provided. An optional shoulder strap is also available, along with in car charging and a 4 in one battery charger.


The MP-A40 printer series is designed to be used in industry and retail, but has the ruggedness and strength to be suitable for areas such as warehousing, logistics, field service and public utilities.


Other important features of this new mobile printer include compatibility with the latest operating systems such as Windows 10. SDKs are available for iOS, Android and Windows CE for mobile solutions. The MP-A40 is also CPCL compatible. In addition to USB the printer is available with either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interface providing added value and an easy transition from cable to wireless communication.