Seiko expands its laboratory and integrates a platform for knowledge exchange.

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Reliable technical service and the associated constant support we provide to our customers has been one of our most important product features and is something we have always been comitted to.

Moreover digital inkjet is relatively new in the markets, with viewer or no experience in the different applications. Thereby making it necessary to discuss and develope new ideas with a complete open mind set, which Seiko would like to bring on the table in the new training center.

Especially such a technically complex subject as digital printing requires an interlocking of all relevant components and paramenters like the gear wheels of a clockwork.

The best printing results can only be achieved if problem solutions are viewed holistically, objectively and purposefully, based on a sincere cooperation.

We would like to offer the possibility for this joint work in our company. Gladly offering the required infracture for a technical cooperation with the various members of a project.

We are looking forward to welcoming you personally from 3.8.2020 on and working with you together in developing the future of printing.