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Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) is one of the leading manufacturers of Micro Batteries and Capacitors.

SII is supplying high-tech products in the fields of telecommunication, industrial and automotive applications worldwide since 1983. SII customers value its high level of performance and superior quality.

SII Micro Energy - Fail safe backup and durable standby  

SII Micro Energy product line-up consists of lithium rechargeable, coin-type batteries (MS/TS/ML series) and Pb-free reflowable coin-type capacitors (XH series) as well as small chip-type capacitors (CPH/CPX series) based on high-performing EDLC (electric double-layer capacitor) technology.

All Micro Energy products are well-known for superior leakage resistance, large capacity and high reliability.

MS series (3.0V) is available in various capacities (1.0mAh to 11.0mAh) depending on battery size (4.8mm to 9.5mm diameter) and shows excellent over-discharge characteristics even down to 0V.

MS920T/MS621T series offer extended application operation temperature range up to +85°C.

Reflowable ML414H (3.0V) supports production automation and TS920E (1.5V) is specially designed for solar watch applications.

XH (3.3V) and CPH series (3.3V) are available with 11mF to 80mF capacitance for long cycle life of at least 10000 charge/discharge cycles.

CPX series (2.6V) is specially designed for energy harvesting and sensor applications due to very low leak current (10nA) and low internal resistance (25Ohm). It can be provided with 2.5mF or 7.5mF capacitance.

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