One model, two options: Dual top and front paper exit configuration options give you more installation flexibility, including the ability to slide the printer under the counter.
With an innovative cubic design the RP-D printer series currently offers the smallest footprint available in the market and frees up valuable space at the Point of Sale.

The RP-D allows you to choose from 4 different speed modes to optimize the result of your unique print content. Setting options include: high speed mode, quiet mode (moderate speed), high quality graphics mode (low speed) and variable speed mode (automatically adjusts for each specific output).

Helping you to reduce your paper consumption multiple techniques can easily be employed:

  • Convert from 80 mm to 58mm width paper
  • Reduce the output image by 75%
  • Downsize the blank space at the top of your receipt to 2 mm by printing with the backward feed command.

USB, Serial, Ethernet and Bluetooth interfaces are available, along with the industry’s first USB + Powered Serial configuration. An optional wall-mount kit combined with IPx1 certification for dripping water protection make the front-exit setting highly suitable for kitchen printing applications.