- Increased spectrum of ink & fluid capabilities -

The constant ink stream within the circulation structure removes bubbles and impurities and prevents sedimentation of ink containing large pigments.
The printhead can accept a wide range of viscosities compared to conventional printheads. It is compatible with oil-, UV-, solvent- and WATER-based fluids.

- High productivity and cost efficiency -

Featuring an extra wide print-width (108mm) enables print-bars to be configured with a small number of printheads.
Designed to work at low-voltage thereby reducing initial investment to driver electronics with the additional benefit of low energy consumption.
Isolated channel technology allows the printhead to operate at high frequency (up to 37kHz) and achieve up to 10 levels of greyscale with a drop range size between 13pl to 225pl.

The high flow Ink Circulation Structure means ink constantly circulates immediately behind the nozzles at high speed. This ensures nozzles recover from blockages automatically and instantaneously, eliminating the need for routine nozzle cleaning during operation and significantly reducing ink wastage.
Ink is in constant circulation and always ready to jet, removing the need for priming or purging before starting printing. It is also suitable for Stop-and-Go operations.

The RC1536 ensures a long and stable operation without wasting ink or time. It allows customers to enjoy the highest possible productivity from their printhead.


RC1536 Printing with a 20 mm print height:


RC1536-L Vertical Printing:


RC1536 at CLEANJECTOR/INKTESTER from People &Technology: