Inkjet Print Heads

Ceramic tiles, heavy textiles, home textiles, apparel, wood, glass, corrugated cardboard, high speed marking and coding, labelling, varnish, coating, wallpaper, signage, additive manufacturing (3D), our print heads serve all sorts of purposes.

Robust and highly precise they offer most flexible print directions - downwards, vertical and HORIZONTAL - and can be used with oil-, UV-, solvent and water-based inks and fluids.

With one connector for all electronic interfaces and adaptable to an incredible variety of substrates this products will certainly give you the best results whatever your domain is.

Technical Services

Our technical team assists the customers with developing peripherals in order to create entire inkjet printing systems and goes to the premises to help with the initial installations. Top specialist expertise regarding the very latest printing technologies allows us to offer a wide array of cutting-edge products and customer-specific solutions.