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We spoke to Mr. Javier Gaya (CEO), from the Spanish-based company People & Technology, a company that is very committed to providing solutions for exactly the kind of environmental challenge we are taking up on our heads.

Mr. Gaya, how can your products support this?

We, at People & Technology strongly believe that we need to move away from the unfortunately strongly established throwaway society.
We all know that, print heads cannot be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Therefore, it is very important to optimize its longevity with proper maintenance and care. Cleaning the head when necessary greatly increases the longevity of the head, while ensuring perfect print quality by recovering clogged nozzles. You no longer need to replace a printhead at an early stage or make costly repairs. And this is where Seiko's RC1536 printhead comes in.

Why is this printheads especially suitable for this purpose?

Seiko Instruments has taken a giant step forward in protecting the environment with its RC1536 printhead.This head, with real internal recirculation, is a module that can be completely cleaned in a very short period of time. Due to the constant flow of ink within its recirculation system, the pigments in the ink do not tend to sediment, so the nozzles are almost never clogged or self-regenerating. In itself, this makes it a robust and very durable solution. Besides that, the correct care and cleaning with our CLEANJECTOR guarantees this longevity by recovering the clogged nozzles. Performing periodic maintenance cleanings ensures longevity of the printhead.  Each recovered printhead dramatically reduces printer maintenance costs and
helps reduce the environmental impact of industrial waste. In my opinion, Seiko has been very brave creating a product that reduces environmental impact, while providing significant savings to the customer. The Industry will certainly support this wonderful initiative.

Can you share any statistics of the tests that you have done with Seiko RC1536?

As can be clearly seen in the right shown graph, more than 75% of RC1536 printheads can be fully regenerated within just 1 - 2 days.

How many Seiko RC1536 have been recovered by People & Technology?

Well, this is a really a difficult question to answer. People & Technology has sold more than 300 CLEANJECTOR cleaning machines, all over the world. So it is difficult to know how many heads our customers are cleaning.

Since our first CLEANJECTOR was released until today, I can assure you that tens of thousands of SEIKO printheads have been cleaned.

Considering that the recovery rate for this model is greater than 93% total recovery, it is easy to imagine the enormous savings that this has meant for Seiko users and above all, the mountains of heads that have been avoided as industrial waste.

That is why I want to emphasize once again Seiko's commitment to its customers and to the environment.

What is the standard procedure for such Recovery Steps?

I think the most important thing would be to point out that the cleaning process is done completely automatically, unattended and with total safety for the head.

So the process would be:

  • Purge the head with the CLEANJECTOR
  • Place the head in the specific seal for the head model
  • Connect the three tubes (IN / OUT seal)
  • Select the head model on the Control Panel
  • All this process takes less than 3 minutes
  • Perform a print test to verify the state of the head

If necessary, this cycle can be repeated as many times as needed

CLEANJECTOR will adjust all the necessary parameters automatically and perform the cleaning cycle.

I would like to emphasize that the cleaner used in the CLEANJECTOR to carry out cleaning is formulated so that it is not dangerous for the environment.

In addition, at People & Technology we follow a very strict collection program for all used cleaner and deliver it to a certified industrial waste management company so that it is treated appropriatel.

Is it possible to clean a non-recirculating printhead with your Cleanjector?

Yes, it is also possible. However, we must emphasize that it is a slightly slower procedure and with comparatively lower recovery rates.

For example, also the Seiko 508GS head is a very good candidate to be cleaned and recovered.

Thanks to the great cooperation with Seiko technical team, we have been able to create a specific recipe for this model, to achieve a very high success rate, considering that it is a head without internal recirculation.

Is there a single CLEANJECTOR model?

There are two models of CLEANJECTOR, depending on the client's needs.

The V3 model can clean up to 4 heads at the same time.

The V4 model can clean up to 12 heads at the same time.

It should be noted that CLEANJECTOR, in combination with the specific cleaner, can clean heads that have been used with any type of fluids irrespective if they are oil-based, solvent-based, water-based, UV-based or even varnish..

We are talking about professional machines, designed and manufactured to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, for many years.